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India deploys T-90 Bhishma tank in Ladakh amid border row with China at LAC


New Delhi: Amid ongoing border row with China following violent clashes in the Galwan Valley along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), India has deployed T-90 Bhishma tank, considered to be the world’s most infallible tank in the world, in the eastern Ladakh region, according to Zee News.

Indian Army deployed T-90 Bhishma Tank earlier this month as part of its preparations to respond to any challenge posed by China. In the war-like situations, India has also given a clear message that the encroachment on the Sino-India border will no longer be tolerated. 

The deployment of T-90 Bhishma also conveyed India’s hidden message of gaining an edge over strategic and tactical terms. According to reports, border tension with China started in the month of May as China has started bringing armored vehicles. 

China has T-95 tanks which are almost similar to T-90 tanks, which can give a befitting reply to any misadventure on part of China. 

Key features of the T-90 Bhishma tank:

– It is the main battle tank of India with an excellent armored protection
– It can deal with biological and chemical weapons
– The early tanks were built in Russia
– It can fire 8 shells in 60 seconds
– Has 125 Mm main gun to make surefire 
– Has capability to launch missile up to 6 Km
– One of the world’s lightest tanks weighing 48 tons 
– Ability to fight the enemy in day and night
– It comes with missile attack shield
– Equipped with powerful 1000 horsepower engine
– It can run with a high speed of 72 Km/h
– It can cover 550 km at a time

Other features of T-90 Bhishma Tank

– It is considered to be one of the world’s strongest tanks
– Indian army has more tanks than China
– Indian Army has a total of 4292 tanks 
– Chinese Army has only 3500 tanks
– It is an important weapon in the open field of Ladakh
– T-90 can be effective in sandy Demchouk and Spangur Gap Ladakh 

Notably, T-90 Bhishma Tank can move faster on the sandy ground. China’s highway is just 50 km away from Demchouk and Spangur Gap. Indian tanks can easily target Chinese tanks from the current deployment of this deadly weapon. 

Considering Indian vigilance on the border, Councilor of Pangyang area K Stanzin, who returned from Pangyong two days ago, told Zee News that the army has been deployed in large numbers in many areas including Paigyang. 

“Things are normal in rural areas, our claim is up to Finger 8. We do not accept the Chinese border with Pangyong, rather, we should it Tibet border,” he added.


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