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Video of a cat drinking from a water cooler breaks the internet – Watch


New Delhi: Internet is full of adorable cat videos, one such video which is winning hearts online is of a cat drinking from a water cooler, unassisted.

A Twitter user, who describes his account as a “feel good page”, shared the video of the four-legged creature getting up on its hind legs and using its front paw to press the tap for water. 

This 11-second clip posted on August 28, shows the cat putting her mouth below the tap to quench its thirst. “Stop everything you are doing and see this cat drinking water from the water cooler,” the post reads.

Watch video here:

Several others shared their personal experiences in the comments section of the post. Amused twitter users called the delightful feline as ‘smarty pants’ or ‘clever kitty’ while some wondered if it was a ‘normal behaviour’ .

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

One user said, “I once found my cat sitting in the bathtub timing her tongue to meet the dripping of the tap.”

Another user said, “My cat used to press the refrigerator door button for cold water.”

While one could not help but narrate a similar incident with her pet cat. The post read: “Mine already did it with this kind of cooler and the kitchen floor had become a lake.”

The clip was widely shared online with over 26,000 views on social media.


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