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DoE asks private schools in Delhi to take only tution fee during COVID-19 lockdown


New Delhi: Delhi’s Directorate of Education has directed all the private unaided recognized schools to take no fee except the tution fees from the parents during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

It also directed such schools that annual and development charges can be charged from the parents on pro-rata basis and only on a monthly basis after completion of the lockdown period.

Such schools were also directed by Delhi’s Directorate of Education the following orders: 

1. No earmarked levies such as transportation charges etc will be charged from the parents during the period the schools remain closed

2. In no case, the schools shall demand and collect the above-mentioned fees from the parents/students on a quarterly basis, ie, fees will be collected on a monthly basis only.

3. Not to increase any fee in the academic session 2020-21 till further directions irrespective of the fact whether or not the school is running on the private land or the land allotted by DOA/other Govt land-owning agencies.

4. The schools running on the land allotted by the DDA or other land-owning agencies with the condition to seek approval of Director (Education) before any fee increase, shall collect the above-mentioned fees on the basis of last fee structure approved by Director (Education) or as per fee statement filed by them under 17 (3) of DSEAR, 1973 during academic session 2015-16.

5. Schools shall ensure to provide the access of online education, material and classes to all students without any discrimination, by providing them ID and password immediately to get them online education facility.

6. Heads of the schools shall, in no case, deny ID and password to those students/parents for getting online access of educational facilities, classes, materials etc to those students who are unable to pay the school fee due to financial crisis arising out of the closure of business activities amid the ongoing lockdown condition.

7. Managing Committee of the schools/heads of the schools shall not put extra financial burden by creating any new head of fee.

Delhi’s Directorate of Education also directed schools to not to stop payment of monthly salary nor reduce the existing total emolument to the teaching and non-teaching staff of their schools.


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