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Obama gives Harris the inside scoop on Biden’s interests: ‘Ice cream is big.’


There was talk of how to stay fit on the campaign trail and what music to listen to during down time. And then Senator Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee for vice president, had a request.

“So,” she said to former President Barack Obama, “tell me about Joe.”

In a roughly five-minute video produced by the Biden campaign and posted by Mr. Obama on Twitter Tuesday, Ms. Harris and Mr. Obama held a conversation in which the former president offered his insights about Ms Harris’s running mate — a man who was formerly his vice president.

Their first order of business, as it turned out, was to discuss Mr. Biden’s favorite foods.

“Ice cream is big,” Mr. Obama said. “Pasta with red sauce, he can go deep on that.”

Mr. Obama also made mention of Mr. Biden’s penchant for aviator glasses — “he knows he looks good in them” — before turning a tad more serious.

“The main thing to know about Joe is that Joe has never lost his sense of why we do this,” Mr. Obama said.

Ms. Harris and Mr. Obama also compared exercise routines on the trail. For months amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Harris said, hand weights had been sold out. So she filled liter bottles with water and lifted those; Mr. Obama recalled that when he would visit small towns in Iowa, he would search out a treadmill, even if that meant running on one in the back of a beauty salon.

“You are doing great,” Mr. Obama told Ms. Harris. “Make sure, though, you get those workouts in.”


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