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Hi, My name is Mihir Kumar Jha and i am the founder of corealpha.org. Fat Buring Formula is my initiative to help folks around the world to loose weight from the comfort of their homes. Faat Burning Formula is also dedicated to showcase the events unfolding around the globe by the means of blog post. If you have any queries feel free to reach out to me through contact page in the blog. Cheers!!!

Biden Must Reckon With Obama-Era Immigration Mistakes

For the latter, he needs Congress — and a game plan for fighting the conservative disinformation campaign that Mr. Miller and his nativist allies...

Joe Biden’s Catholic Moment

And, of course, invocations of Pope Francis. A decade ago it was a commonplace to regard liberal Catholicism as a tradition in decline. Its...

Is Kevin Cooper an Innocent Man?

Yet Cooper remains in prison. That’s partly because the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office continues to resist an investigation into whether he is...

A Recruiter Finds Her Marriage Match, With Due Diligence

Serinna Chau knows how to dig into the backgrounds of prospective candidates, evaluate their strengths and weakness and match them with suitable roles. It’s...

Nurturing the Next Fashion Leaders

With the New York charity circuit on hiatus, here is how some philanthropists and society figures are spending their time and resources during the...

Bombing at California Church Known for Its Anti-L.G.B.T.Q. Views

“In no way can we say anyone related to the demonstrations is involved or responsible for this crime,” Chief Reynoso said. “We don’t know...

Financial Aid: Grades, Merit and Talking to Kids About Paying for...

This Is Very UncomfortableIf you are raising your eyebrows now, administrators feel for you. They do not like the equity implications of merit aid...

Mass Rallies Sweep Russia in Protests Over Navalny’s Arrest

MOSCOW — From the frozen streets of Russia’s Far East and Siberia to the grand plazas of Moscow and St. Petersburg, tens of thousands...

U.S. Virus Cases Top 25 Million

Epidemiologists say the true number of infections is probably much higher than the official tallies. Even with much more widespread testing now than in...

Progressives Are Seething Over Biden’s Likely Pick for Banking Regulator

“Black, Brown and Native communities are often the first victims of predatory banking and financing,” Vasudha Desikan, the Action Center’s political director, said in...